30 Minute Distance Session

No matter where you're located, I will tune into your energy to see, hear, feel, and know exactly what is at the root of the issues and challenges you're experiencing that are most important to focus on in this moment. I will transmute and release any energetic blocks and build ups that are ready to be shifted, working energetically with herbs, crystals, and several other techniques.

Investment: $90

60 Minute Distance Session

The same experience as the 30 Minute Distance Session, only with this session with have double the time to explore and go even deeper. More will be revealed, and we'll be able to more thoroughly work through each issue and aspect as they come up.

Investment: $150

Flower & Gem Essence Session

In this 30 minute session, identify the most prevalent belief or fear currently shaping your reality, then receive a synergistic blend of flower & gem essences intuitively chosen & matched to support you on all levels as your energy shifts.

Investment: $98

Initial Immersion Session

Bring awareness and understanding to those thoughts, feelings, fears, & beliefs underlying your daily life and struggles, receiving an energetic clearing, intuitive insight, and herbal support to help guide & facilitate your healing journey through this 60 minute healing session and 60 minute herbal consultation.

Investment: $215

Reaching Deep Session

Move through the 5 Spirals of Healing ™ to facilitate healing on the deepest levels to help you move beyond the fear and limiting thoughts & beliefs to a place of empowerment and alignment during a 90 minute healing session. Then learn to support your every effort with dietary & lifestyle changes, herbal remedies, and a profound connection to All through a deeper connection with the natural world with a full herbal consultation lasting 90 minutes.

Investment: $395

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