What Is Right For Me?

Healing Session Packages vs Mentoring Program Packages:

Healing Session Packages offer us one session a month for three sessions total to do deep inner work. In these sessions, I facilitate communication with various parts, trapped emotions, thoughts, feelings, fears, and beliefs that are maintaining a state of resistance to your Truth, which means they're blocking you from living a fully present, joyful, & authentic life. Together we bring presence, awareness, understanding, acceptance, and love in order to begin the transformational work. The time in between sessions is solely yours to continue the unraveling, accepting, and embodying process.


The Mentorship Program packages offer a platform for ongoing support between healing sessions, which means more accountability and opportunities for fine tuning, as well as a deeper level of mentorship in how to live a judgment free self-focused life. As you go through the unraveling process that follows the deep inner work we will do together, I am available to offer any encouragement, guidance, wisdom, and support that you need. Through this program I will also be teaching you how to do deep inner work on yourself, as well as guiding you into a more approving relationship with yourself, so that you not only feel confident to focus on & prioritize yourself in all ways but you are able to actualize solutions that allow you to move freely & joyfully through the challenges of life. 

NOTE: Working with me is a joint effort regardless of which package type you choose, and the transformation you seek can only happen if you are fully prepared to make the commitment to yourself to go deep, to understand who you are and how you've come to be in your present state, and to do the work required to unravel, accept, trust and embody your Truth. 

Still not sure which is best for you? Book a connection call, and I'll help you choose the best option for you!