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Conscious Healing & Growth

Working together 1:1 is a way for us to support your conscious exploration & evolution of you. Together with your body & inner wisdom, we will intuit the plants, crystals, and animals that vibrationally match your growth & evolution, leading to the solutions that catapult you into the next phase of your journey. You will not only forge a stronger bond with yourself & your internal wisdom, you will forge a deeply nurturing bond with the plants & Mother Earth. By the end of our time together, you will have transmuted many of the thoughts, feelings, fears, perceptions, and beliefs that have tethered you to your current reality, illness, or dis-ease, allowing for greater alignment with your Truth and more freedom to enjoy & express yourself & the life you're co-creating.

My role as a transpersonal herbalist, intuitive channel, & healer is one of non-judgmental, loving presence to what is, facilitation of what will be, and guide to a new way of relating to & connected with yourself, the Earth, and others. No matter where you are on your journey, you are always in a perpetual state of growth and evolution, and therefore can always benefit from a bit of mentoring as things get sticky for you on your own.

Clearing Channels of Communication Session

Throughout our bodies are "Channels of Communication", energetic information transfer highways that connect each energy center or chakra. By clearing these channels, we make it much easier for energy & information to flow freely & purposefully. Leave with 1 herbal remedy to help nourish & support the work we've done together.

Session length: 60 minutes

Investment: $175

Transmuting Inherited Beliefs

Much of what holds us back & keeps us stuck in worry and fear are beliefs that we've inherited from our family, other influential people in our lives, or society as a whole. Over the last several years I've developed a highly effective method of permanently transmuting these beliefs & anchoring in new beliefs that are much more beneficial for your growth & wellbeing. Leave with 1-2 herbal remedies to help nourish & support the work we've done.

Session length: 75 minutes

Investment: $200

Perception Shifting Session

Much like our beliefs, the perceptions we have color our worlds. Some of these perceptions work for us, while others are working against our overall health, happiness, & wellbeing. Utilizing a simply, yet highly effective technique, I will transmute the energy of the limiting perception and anchor in one that is wholly beneficial for long-term growth.

Leave with 1 herbal remedy to help nourish & support the work we've done.

Session length: 60 minutes

Investment: $175

Specific Issue or Challenge Session

If a specific physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual issue is the reason you're seeking help, then this is the session for you. I will be able to go into this one issue to see what lies at the root, and then work to clear, shift, & transmute whatever I find in whatever way is necessary. Leave with 1-2 herbal remedies to help nourish & support the work we've done. 

Session Length: 75 minutes

Investment: $200

Embrace & Embody Session

Sometimes we need a bit of help allowing ourselves to own who we are. This prevents us from shining as brightly as we can, fulfilling our biggest dreams & desires, and creating a life that is not only enjoyable but inspiring. In this session, we will identify the things holding you back & work to clear, shift, & transmute them, so that you can step up & step into the spotlight of your life! Leave with 2-3 herbal remedies to help catalyze & support your evolution.

Session Length: 90 minutes

Investment: $245

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Together we've got this!

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