Melissa officinalis: Soul of the Sun

A conversation with Lemon balm

On a recent sunny day I felt called into the garden by my lemon balm, so I sat next to my patch with the intention of learning from this plant that I had worked with so many times before but not yet sat with to hear the wisdom it wanted to share. Right away after hellos were exchanged lemon balm’s thoughts and wisdom began to fill my mind.

Suddenly they don’t know what it’s like to see the sun anymore.

“It’s new for people to actually talk to us. Most just go about their day not knowing how scared and depressed they are, and then that manifests as uncontrollable fear and anxiety. The worry gets the better of them and suddenly they don’t know what it’s like to see the sun anymore. I provide that for them. I remind them what life was like when things weren’t so clouded, when they weren’t so busy. There’s just so much frenetic energy to the human race, as if they believe the more they do, the better they are or will become. It’s this belief that who they are and what they offer isn’t enough that makes them strive for more, better, moving faster and faster away from everything that is them. They stop living in order to be doing. It’s a sad tale, one I want to help change, rewrite, alter the ending. The only path this current reality leads to for most people is a sad, often painful death. I want to bring joy back. I want to let the sun back in for humanity. They’ve forgotten what it feels like to just be still, to just be themselves, to just be ok with who and what they are. I’m going to help.”

I want to let the sun back in for humanity.

An Emotional Energy Shift

“We help with more emotional disturbances rather than mental, so heart rather than mind. I like to go to work right away, but I’m gentle for the most part. For some it will be such a shock regardless, but I’m not trying to shove them into a new truth. I’m working with them–where they’re at to where they want to be; who they are playing to who they are in their heart. They need to be able to access those emotions, they need to hear their inner world as it calls out to them. The sun is illuminating, and I work with the sun. Shine that light, ally the fears by exposing what’s leading to them. It’s all very clear.”

Lemon Balm & The Current State of the World

When I asked how lemon balm views the current state of the world, if it sees this time as a great shifting, the response was, “No. I see that Mother is reclaiming. She knows the struggle of man. She knows how hard it’s been. And she wanted to help because she loves you, all of us, endlessly. She has sacrificed herself for the sake of your story. She loves you this much. But now is the time of love and authenticity, for growth and enlightenment, so Mother is reclaiming herself. Humans will have to shift to keep up. They will have to grow, but is that a bad thing? No. We are all evolving. It is a time for growth.”

So how do we work with lemon balm?

My favorite way to work with lemon balm is to drink it as an iced tea, and you can harness even more of the sun’s energy, when you steep it outside on a hot, sunny day. Sometimes adding fresh tulsi, which pairs really nicely with lemon balm, both in taste and medicinal action, is just what I want and need in my lemon balm tea. In fact, they work so well together, I often pair them up in various types of remedies.

Another favorite way I like to work with lemon balm is fresh from the garden in my morning frozen berry avocado smoothie. Talk about starting the day off right! And it makes some of the best kombucha I’ve ever tasted! I’ve combined it with nettle and added them into the second ferment, and I’ve also made a 24 hour steeped tea of lemon balm and nettle to use as the base tea for my kombucha. Both ways are great, but nothing beats adding it in fresh for the second ferment.

It also tinctures well, whether fresh or dried. I like to add fresh lemon balm tincture to my herbal bug spray. Many people enjoy it prepared as a glycerite, but I prefer an elixir, if I’m going to go the sweet route. And while I’ve never made a lemon balm oxymel (vinegar and honey) before, now that I’m thinking of it, I feel inspired to harvest some just for that purpose! Of course, we definitely cannot forget to mention lemon balm flower essence, which supports one through emotional detox and has been used for centuries to “restore the joy of life to even the most melancholy” and alleviate stress and anxiety.

There are many ways to work with lemon balm, and it is definitely a plant who can help many people. If you’ve never worked with it in any capacity, I encourage you to give lemon balm a try. And if you have worked with it before, perhaps this deeper insight will inspire you to work even more closely with this marvelous plant.

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