Dandelion Fields

The Joy of Being You

A four week course in self-exploration that guides you to a place of radical self-acceptance that will transform your life permanently using herbs, shadow work, & journal prompts.




It is through self-awareness that one comes to know thyself

This course invites you to alchemize resistance that keeps you from embracing your inner truth with the helping hand & nurturing energy of nature, so you can open up & reconnect with YOU.

This course is for you if

You feel like you don’t know who you are or have lost sight of yourself

You want deeper connections with the ones you love but there always seems to be this distance between you

You struggle to open up or connect emotionally

You feel powerless, like nothing you do works & you fear it will always be like this

Your inner critic is relentless, preventing you from living the life you want

You struggle with anxiety or image issues 

You are always trying to prove yourself, your worth, and your value to everyone around you, especially those people who you want to like & love you the most

You believe your worth is directly linked to how hard you work & how much you do for others

You go above and beyond to make other people feel comfortable, happy, and acknowledged

You feel like life just isn’t quite measuring up

You distract yourself with everything from mindless scrolling & work to chores, “self-care” & fun with your friends–anything to keep you busy at all times

You are burnt out & fed up but struggle to see your life any differently


So much of who you perceive yourself to be, who you perceive others & the world to be, is based on the fears and limiting perceptions, thoughts, and beliefs you’ve been conditioned with or have inherited over the course of your lifetime & as a result of your various experiences. And who you truly are often gets watered down, buried, or locked away

This course will open you up to

The knowing that you are not too much, you are just enough for yourself, and others judgements and opinions are no longer your driving force

Feeling unburdened mentally & emotionally

Feeling more confident & comfortable expressing yourself in what you wear, how you speak, where you go, what you do, who you’re with, etc.

Clearer thinking & better understanding of what you want and which direction to flow in

Giving yourself the permission you have always sought outside of yourself

Being more at ease with yourself as a whole & more accepting of parts of yourself & your personality that you previously watered down or relegated to the back of your proverbial closet

Deeper connection with others & a willingness to be open & vulnerable with yourself & the world at large

A new story written exclusively by yourself


After you’ve completed this course, you will no longer live to please anyone but yourself. You will no longer burn yourself out to prove your worth & ability. You will have crystal clear boundaries and a strong sense of self.


You will know your worth, embody your value, and live the magic of your YOUNESS out loud for all the world to see.


You will focus more on what you think & how you feel about how you’re showing up in the world and what you’re putting your energy into. You will know that even when things aren’t going as planned, you have the tools to get yourself back on track.


And you will come to accept all the mess, sparkle, flare, & nitty gritty details that make you the magical f*cking unicorn you are!

It is through self-knowing that one becomes thyself.

Four Weeks Together

Weekly 90 min live Zoom sessions

Workbook that has journal prompts,
techniques, ideas, and herbs to explore

Telegram Group Chat

+ Three Bonus Workshops!

January 26 - Feb 16, 2023


Meet Kylee


I spent my whole life living for other people.


To say I was a people-pleaser is the understatement of the century! I didn’t know it at the time, but I was doing it all to get my need for love & approval met. It wasn’t until I started working with the plants in conjunction with shadow work to support my deep inner healing journey that it became abundantly clear that in order for my life to be fun, exciting, or hell, even manageable, I had to become my primary focus.


That in and of itself took some serious shadow work because I was raised to believe that being selfish was one of the worst things you could possibly be. The message growing up was loud and clear: if you are selfish, you are bad. And who the f*ck wants to be bad?!


But, as I did the work for myself and guided my clients through the same, I realized that that belief is completely backward and extremely detrimental to our overall wellbeing. And that’s when I knew I had to get the word out. I had to share with people that not only have we been “lifing” all wrong because of our conditioning, we’ve been systemically distancing ourselves from our two greatest support systems–nature & each other.

I absolutely LOVE teaching people how the energies of nature can help them know, understand, accept, and love themselves and each other more completely. We are always being drawn to and guided by nature to the exact perfect plants, trees, crystals, animals, locations, etc that will help us let go of whatever resistance we are holding onto. In my experience, nature’s ability to alchemize, support, and nurture us is unprecedented. And it is my joy, my passion, my everything to help others know that who they are is f*cking incredible, and they have the ability to change everything simply by focusing on themselves.


Can't wait for you to join us!

With love from me & the plants
- Kylee