Ghost Pipe For Pain, Anxiety, & Extreme Situations

But not necessarily in the way you would think. 

It isn’t like most pain relieving and relaxant herbs

Ghost pipe isn’t one of those pain relieving or relaxant herbs that you take a bit of tincture or drink a cup of tea, and your pain subsides like with white willow bark, kava kava, and other anodyne herbs. In fact, Ghost Pipe doesn’t actually make your pain go away. But it does help with pain.

Ghost Pipe 

Rising up from the forest floor, ghost pipe peeks it’s ethereal bell-shaped head through the fallen leaves. It grows at the base of trees where the roots meet the mycelium network, which allows it the unique ability of not only being able to collect information in a concentrated way like a tree would, but also disperse that information to all the areas the information is needed like the mycelium does. So when a human ingests ghost pipe, these unique abilities go to work by helping to modulate sensory input.

It separates you from your pain, allowing you to sit side by side in understanding rather than in total overwhelm 

Prior to the ghost pipe plant spirit journey I recently lead, I took some time to tune into this plant. It told me that there are two bodies: the self body and the pain body. The self body knows happiness, joy, and light; whereas the pain body knows sadness, despair, depression, and darkness. Working with ghost pipe helps you to detach from your pain, but not in an effort to dismiss or ignore it, only to remove yourself from the overwhelming nature of the pain. This then allows you to much more easily come to an understanding of it. Through understanding then comes acceptance, and with acceptance comes love.

During the actual journey with Ghost Pipe, I saw these two bodies–one in the shadows, one in the light–sitting side by side holding hands. The person in the light wasn’t trying to force the person in the shadows into the light, nor was the person in the shadows trying to pull the person from the light into the darkness. They just allowed each other to be who they were, where they were, and they accepted each other fully.

It doesn’t force it to be something it isn’t. It doesn’t make it go away. It allows it to be what it is, why it is, and how it is

And this is the magic and medicine of Ghost Pipe. This is how it helps transform your pain. It doesn’t force it to be something it isn’t. It doesn’t make it go away. It allows it to be what it is, why it is, and how it is, and it does this by separating you from your pain and modulating the sensory input and dispersing the necessary information to where it is most needed and can be utilized.

Ghost pipe can help you find acceptance of all parts of yourself, especially the pain

What I learned from Ghost Pipe has been profound. It has shown me that I can no longer bulldoze and gaslight myself or others in any way. I can’t try to convince myself something isn’t important, if it is. I can’t stop myself from feeling a certain way just because it’s unpleasant or inconvenient. I can’t hold myself back for fear of how I’ll be perceived. And I can’t detach, get angry at, silence, or talk over my loved ones just because they’re experiencing, saying, or doing something that makes me feel a way that I don’t want to feel. 

I have to come to a place of full acceptance for all things inside and outside of myself through greater awareness and understanding. So much of the emotional turmoil I’m currently experiencing, is all about acceptance—wanting it, needing it, expecting it from others, but not giving it to myself.

Being able to understand, accept, and love ourselves is what healing is. There are many roads we can travel to reach this point, but this is where we are all trying to get to–a place of total self-love.

You don’t have to do this alone

If you find yourself struggling, just trying to keep your head above water, just trying to not be pulled down by the overwhelming intensity of everything going on around and inside of you, know you’re not alone. Not only are there so many people experiencing the same (even if they don’t appear to be), there are so many plants that can support you.

Reach out and let’s book a healing session to uncover what lies at the root of what you’re facing and discover who your herbal allies are!


An Intuitive Healing Session can help you understand the root cause of your biggest struggles

**Ghost Pipe is awesome to work with, when a person is experiencing or struggling with PTSD. I especially like it with Solomon’s Seal, St. John’s Wort, Rose Petals, and Rose Hips in these instances.**

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