Forest Apothecary for Kids

Ever wondered what those plants in the forest are and do?

Let's find out together!

There are so many varieties of plants, trees, and fungi to be found in the forest

And each one has its own unique ability to help

From the tallest trees to the smallest ground covering leaves

There’s a wealth of edible and medicinal plants to be found here, and we’re going to learn all about them! We will cover trees, plants, berries, and fungi and see which forest environments each one of these unique plants thrives in. We will also learn how to identify them through sight, smell, feel, and when appropriate, taste, and learn all about the medicinal and nutritional properties of each one.

Using all of your senses

You will gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the plants of the forest

Class Date & Time


Ravenswood Park

481 Western Ave Gloucester, MA