Earth Speaks

Earth Speaks

Herbalism & Beyond for Children


Investment of $250 For Spring Session


“We need the tonic of wilderness. We can never have enough of nature.”

~Henry David Thoreau

Earth Speaks offers children an in-depth exploration of the natural world around them through the use of all six of their senses. Children tend to have a stronger connection to their intuition, allowing them to be much more sensitive to energy. It is this ability we will hone and branch out from to learn herbalism to form a deep bond with the natural world around them. Throughout this course your child will learn how to identify, create, and provide wellness with many of the medicinal and edible plants in our region. In addition, they will discover and expand upon all of the magical qualities and abilities inherent to themselves that make them the beautiful, unique beings they are.

During each outdoor class we will learn about four different plants that are seasonally available and at their peak medicinally. In this way, the children will have the time to explore and discover each herb in-depth in its natural habitat, learning at a pace that does not feel rushed. Several locations around Cape Ann have been chosen for the variety of plant life offered, including Stage Fort Park, Ravenswood, and Goosecove Reservoir in Gloucester, MA, Seaview Farms in Rockport, MA, as well as the trail head at Gordon College in Wenham, MA, and less often the backyard garden.

What We Will Cover: 

  • How to properly identify each plant, giving children the confidence and knowledge to do so on their own.
  • How to tune into the energy of each plant to learn the information it would like to share about itself.
  • How to respectfully harvest with a great care for the ecosystems in which we find the herbs.
  • How to make different types of herbal remedies, including vinegar tinctures, flower essences, honeys, oils, poultices, salves, etc.
  • How to work with the plants to heal energetically, in addition to physically.

Each child will have a field journal where they will record the information they’ve learned from each plant, including a labeled drawing with identifying factors for each herb. By the end of the program, each child’s field journal will be an in-depth materia medica of 20 regional plant species.

Learning how to speak the language of energy, and plants in particular, will allow the children to connect with anything, allowing them to gain a wealth of knowledge, as well as help the planet, animals, themselves, and others in profound ways.