Classes & Workshops for Children

Interested in learning more about the plants around you and having fun while you do it?

We've got the classes for you!

Whether you’re interested in the medicinal properties of the plants around you, or you’re looking for a more creative way to work with the herbs, these classes have got you covered!

A pharmacy in every yard

Herbs, Trees, Fungi, Oh my!

A tasty way to work with herbs

For Emotional & Spiritual Shifting

Flower Essence Making

Shifting & healing energetically with plants

Making the Shift with Plant Energy

Teas, Tinctures, Syrups & So much more!

Medicine Making

Earth Speaks

Want to participate in all of the classes above and get the added bonus of the Artistically Herbal class where we’ll explore the herbs through different artistic mediums? Then you’ll definitely want to register for the Earth Speaks Herbal Mentorship Program!

Happy Students!

Brooke, age 8
Earth Speaks Student
"I loved tasting all the different plants. It was so much fun! It was also really fun to make the flower essences."
Julia, age 12
Earth Speaks Student
"My favorite part was making the flower essences and just being out in nature."
Maddie, age 14
Earth Speaks Student
"I liked learning about the different plants and how they can help us, but what I loved most of all was taking pictures of the plants and making flower essences."