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On-site & online classes and groups that foster connection and understanding of self, others, life, and the world we live in through the wisdom of plant spirit medicine.


Stepping Into Truth: Healing The Solar Plexus Free Online Event

An aligned solar plexus chakra is all about open, honest, authentic self-expression! It's about allowing your whole self to be fully present in each now moment, connecting & interacting completely with all aspects of life, and expressing yourself as you are. When opened & healed, the solar plexus chakra allows you to feel the deep love and approval you have for yourself, helping you to stand tall in your personal power, express your authentic self, and live your life your way. For this reason, healing your solar plexus is a vital part of your evolutionary journey to embrace & embody your inner Truth. 


During this free online group event, I will share my passion for working energetically with the plants & other elements of nature as I guide you through this profound self-healing experience where you will work with the plants to release resistance & bring healing to your solar plexus.


Nature's ability to alchemize, nurture, & support us is unprecedented and being able to come together as a group, sharing our energy & supporting one another in spirit as we support ourselves, increases the energy tenfold.

Join us for this deeply connective, Self-nourishing group healing session!

Date: 11-11-22                                        Time: 6:30-7:30pm

Investment: FREE



Plant Spirit Journey: Sequoia

Image by Josh Carter

Are you ready to explore the healing power of Sequoia and learn how it can help you on your journey?


Plants have been guiding and supporting humans for millennia. While the physical plants provide our bodies with nourishment, strengthening, and healing, the essences of these plants offers the same on an emotional and spiritual level.

Sequoia is all about your inner truth coming to LIFE. No longer reserved or kept quiet. No longer relegated to the shadows of your being. No longer "protected" from others. It's time to fully experience & interact with life & show the world your truest colors!


The always wonderful Alycia Steele will drum us down & keep a steady beat guaranteed to lull you into a trance-like meditative state. From there, I will guide you along as you connect deeply with the heart of Sequoia. This mighty ally will share profound medicine & wisdom unique to you, your inner world, & daily experiences. Then Sequoia will perform an energy healing ceremony to further jumpstart this evolutionary step in your Self journey.

Before we close our circle, Alycia will share a light language transmission from Sequoia to anchor in the healing you've experienced.

Location: Holistic Life Community 599 North Ave Door 6 Wakefield, MA

Date: 11-19-22                                    Time: 10:30-11:30am

Investment: $75

**EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Get $10 off until Oct 31st!**


Whole Hearted Healing Intensive

In this 4 hour workshop intensive we will meld the worlds of plant medicine & quantum healing as I introduce you to 4 of the plants that I work with most frequently to help heal & open your wounded heart, then guide you through how to work with them both energetically & physically to nourish, support, and heal your heart.


This is a hands-on, experiential deep dive into the world of the heart and how these plants can release stored emotions, shift limiting & resistant beliefs, and begin the process of returning your heart to its naturally open, receptive, & loving state.


I will show you how you can live with a heart that no longer needs to be so fiercely guarded but is now safer than ever before!

Come ready to dive deep & feel supremely supported by the plants and each other!

Date: 12-10-22                                      Time: 12:30-4:30pm

Investment: $222