About Me

The way I work with plants goes beyond medicine. I form relationships with these plants, with the natural world, with the Earth herself. I learn from them, and then together we help other beings heal through complete understanding, acceptance, and love of self.

My goal is to help others reach deep to heal the traumas standing in the way of them embracing their authenticity & power

I want to help everyone understand that they are capable of anything and everything, that they matter, that they have a voice, that they are the only person who can heal them—others can offer knowledge and wisdom, guidance & support, and they can hold space, but no one else can actually do the healing—the releasing, the accepting, the loving—but them. Even with all that being true, even though the actual healing of ourselves is up to us, we are meant to have connected, symbiotic, synchronistic relationships and experiences with the Earth and the beings living upon and within her because humans are social creatures. We’re not meant to go it alone. And the knowledge and wisdom, the guidance and support, the safe space, that we can offer each other is incredibly important. I want to help others find their power, their spark, their voice, and I want to do that in harmony with the planet. If we open ourselves up to receiving, we would realize we have a Universe of knowledge and wisdom all around us, waiting and able to guide and support our journey, and I want to remind and teach people how to speak the language of the Universe.

The Company

Down to Earth Holistic Wellness was founded in 2012 and has grown and evolved steadily along with its owner over the last 7 years. I believe that the more we nourish all parts of our being equally—mind, body, and soul, the more we allow ourselves to truly heal. Continuing to choose the paths we’ve already traveled only stands to prolong and intensify our healing journey. The more we open ourselves up and the deeper we allow our connection to the Earth to be, the more profound our understanding, acceptance, and growth will be.

Our thoughts, feelings, fears, and beliefs create our reality through the Law of Attraction, which is the attractive, magnetic power of the Universe that draws similar energies together. In other words, whatever energy is inside of us will be experienced outside of us in the form of people, places, and experiences. If what we are experiencing in life is uncomfortable, this is an indication that there is a part of ourselves that is out of alignment with love and in need of healing. 

Every experience is an opportunity for growth, and it’s up to us to be able to objectively see and understand what it is we are supposed to be learning in each given moment. Once we can understand on all levels, we can fully forgive, and truly accept & love ourselves and others. This is what healing is all about. This is what being in your power looks like. This is authenticity.

Our Team

Down to Earth Holistic Wellness is a one woman operation, but none of this could be possible without Mother Nature, my connection to Source energy, & my amazing clients, apprentices, students, and customers! 

Kylee Foote

Owner & Operator

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