About Me

I feel a large part of my role as a spiritual being & steward of this Earth is to share the wisdom & healing of nature, knowing that the stronger our understanding and connection with the Earth, the stronger our understanding and love for self becomes and vice versa.

I am an intuitive healer, herbalist, and teacher who is guided, inspired, and supported by Earth & Source energies

I believe that at our cores we are beings who came into life knowing and loving ourselves with a natural curiosity about the living of life on this planet and an eagerness to explore, learn, and evolve. Fairly early on, however, most of us started forming limiting beliefs around our worth, desires, thought processes, and how we take action based on our experiences and our interactions. Because of this we were no longer in alignment with the energy of love, and we began to feel that lack. And then, of course, with like energies attracting like energies, we then had a lifetime of experiences proving our limiting beliefs, which in turn sharpened that feeling of love lost.

 My joy is guiding others to reach deep to come into full awareness of what limitations they’ve placed on themselves through their thoughts, feelings, fears, and beliefs, helping them to understand their own patterns of behavior, and then assisting them in reconnecting with their inner being in order to shift that energy. This process allows the individual to realign with their original state of love, and from there I guide them through the process of embracing and harnessing their full creative potential so they can create the life they’ve always desired but likely been too afraid to allow.

Plant medicine and my connection to the natural world, as well as my connection to Source energy, and the knowledge I have gained along my own healing journey allows me to meet every individual exactly where they’re at, supporting them as they grow and evolve. My role as an intuitive healer and herbalist is one of guidance and support that allows each person to feel comfortable and free to explore themselves without judgement.

The Company

Down to Earth Holistic Wellness was founded in 2012 and has grown and evolved steadily along with me over the last 8 years. I am a company that believes that healing is a process begun in awareness and best supported by nature.

Our thoughts, feelings, fears, and beliefs create our reality through the Law of Attraction, which is the attractive, magnetic power of the Universe that draws similar energies together. In other words, whatever energy is inside of us will be experienced outside of us in the form of people, places, and experiences. If what we are experiencing in life is uncomfortable, this is an indication that there is a part of ourselves that is out of alignment with love and in need of healing. 

Every experience is an opportunity for growth, and it’s up to us to be able to objectively see and understand what it is we are supposed to be learning in each given moment. Through greater understanding comes a greater ability to forgive and accept yourself and others. This unfolding process is what healing is all about, and its intention is to bring you back into ever greater alignment with your most authentic self.

Our Team

While Down to Earth Holistic Wellness is a company of one, none of this could be possible without Mother Nature, my connection to Source energy, & my amazing clients, apprentices, students, and customers! 


Kylee Foote

Owner & Operator

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