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Northern Lights

Self-Evolution Nurtured by Nature

Transpersonal Herbalism Deep Inner Work Energy Healing

You're safe to show up here exactly as you are

There is never a need for you to apologize for who you are, where you're at on your journey, or how you got here nor is there any reason to feel bad about how you think and feel, what you fear, or how you handle and react to anything in life.

I'm not looking at you and seeing a problem that needs to be fixed.

I'll help you to reach a place where you're not either.


Are You Someone Who:

Lacks a strong sense of self & clear boundaries, struggling with people-pleasing and saying no?

Feels like an imposter, fraud, or hack and struggles with feelings of not being good enough?

Feels stuck in a self-sabotaging loop despite your best efforts?

Experienced a traumatic or challenging childhood that has left a deep and lasting wound within you?

Feels an abundance of fear, sadness, anger or frustration, regret, & pain?

Is aware of your issues but unable to create any lasting change no matter what you've tried?

Curious to explore how plant medicine & shadow work can help you?

Kylee Foote

Transpersonal Herbalist & Healing Mentor


I'm on a mission to show all the big-hearted, people-pleasing hard workers out there how plant medicine can help them consciously evolve beyond the trauma, pain, and uncertainty of their past that keeps them locked into the soul-crushing cycle of striving to be understood, struggling to prove their worth, and showing the world they're deserving of being loved only to be disappointed time and time again.

I'm here to show people that prioritizing their own wellbeing and living from a place of "This is me!" is a much more enjoyable, fulfilling way of living life that has nothing to do with taking responsibility for anyone else or the toxicity of the "grin and bear it", "pull yourself up by the bootstraps", "hard work pays off" conditioning we've all been brought up to accept as truth.

I'm all about going deep, getting right to the source of the issue, and working to understand and unravel the thoughts, feelings, fears, and beliefs that limit and confine us all and often show up as physical pain & disease, mental health issues, and emotional disorders.


It's time we all became completely self-focused, so we can maximize our soul's potential for growth & bring our best selves forward to create a NEW & better tomorrow!