Alignment Mentor~Transpersonal Herbalist

Reconnecting you to your soul self through deeper connection to nature

Uncover and work through the thoughts, feelings, emotions, fears, and beliefs creating your current reality and fueling some of your most challenging experiences

Foster a deep and lasting love with the natural world and yourself through learning the unspoken language of energy 

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Let’s see what clients & customers are saying

Ariana Martin


Kylee is an inspiration and an amazing spiritual healer. For the past 7 years she has been a gentle but powerful force helping to guide me closer to my fullest potential. Her herbal remedies and energy work have been an integral part of my journey. She has been supportive and mindful of my own process. Her understanding of the relationships between an individual and the plant medicine she provides is astounding. Her approach really is holistic. She has been a great facilitator in assimilating body, mind, and soul. She will meet you where you are at and assist you along the way to a more complete self. I will be forever grateful for her loving and kind support. 

Samantha Kravitz

Herbalist, Specializing in cbd

I have been working with Kylee for a number of years. One thing that has always impressed me is her dedication to growth for both her and her clients. Because she understands the value of learning to grow together, she is completely authentic and devoted to the people she is helping. With her openness and honesty, she is extremely compassionate and gives her suggestions in a way that is effortless to understand. The language that she uses makes it as easy as possible to take her advice and immediately turn around and apply it. She is more than an herbalist, more than an energy healer, she is your mirror. She provides service and value that is unmatched by anything except for a hard and honest look at your most vulnerable self. A part of you that can be scary and difficult to talk with alone. Kylee takes your hand and becomes the voice that we all so desperately need to hear, and guides you down the path of how to hear it yourself.

Emily Walter


Kylee’s profound energetic awareness, and ability to communicate in a clear and loving manner, has allowed me to transform my life in more ways than one. I left my very first session buzzing from head to toe. She immediately pinpointed one of the greatest challenges holding me back from my power and not only gave me just the advice I needed to hear, but energetically released me from the toxic relationship. Her insight gave me the permission I needed to admit to where I was struggling the most, and therefore allowed me to address the challenge once and for all. My thought patterns and energy relative to the situation have not been the same since, and I am attracting more health into my life everyday. The flower essence she recommended is the most powerful I have ever used. Just a few drops and my anxiety diminishes greatly. I will be utilizing her wisdom and healing abilities for years to come!

Corrine Cunningham


In working with Kylee for the past six months I’ve become more in tune and aware of my voice, my needs, and the work my soul is asking of me to do. Initially I went to Kylee for help with physical symptoms, but she’s shown me the parts of myself tucked deep within that were actually crying out for help and has held my hand every step of the way on this beautiful healing journey. 

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