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Conscious Connection through Nature

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Nature is always showing you the way back to yourself...

The flowers, plants, trees, animals, rocks, minerals, & places that have the exact energy, wisdom, & medicine for you will call you forward. Maybe you're feeling very drawn to gold or roses or the pine tree on that one trail... Nature knows what you need and will always find a way to bring you into the vicinity of its healing vibration.

You are nature and nature is you. And just like every other aspect of the natural world, you are linked to the other elements therein. We are all interconnected & move in this timeless, symbiotic dance of give and take, community, and cooperation.

The plants, trees, and animals all know how to be what they are and do what they need to maintain life. No one tells them how to do this, and while they still have to adapt to changes in the environment, they know exactly how to go about being whatever it is they are. We humans... we have a tendency to get pulled off course a bit. We throw in some fun little limitations for ourselves, experience big emotions, and hold onto a lot of stuff we simply don't need to.

But the plants and other elements of nature are always there guiding us back to ourselves. They don't judge. They don't criticize. They don't try to make you something or someone you're not. They lovingly provide you with the clarity, nourishment, and support you need in any given moment. Because when you thrive, the larger Earth community thrives.


When you begin to consciously work with these energies and the concepts that they teach, you are able to laser focus your healing, growth & evolution, allowing you to take quantum leaps forward and radically transform the way in which you're interacting & engaging with yourself & the world around you.


Curious to explore how the wisdom of nature can help you?

Experienced a traumatic or challenging childhood that has left a deep and lasting wound within you?

Kylee Foote

Transpersonal Herbalist & Healing Mentor


I'm on a mission to show all the big-hearted, people-pleasing hard workers out there how plant medicine can help them consciously evolve & level up.

I'm here to show people that you can work with the plants & other elements of nature to prioritize your own wellbeing, be honestly radical with yourself, and consciously create the life you want to live & actually allow yourself to interact & engage with it FULLY.

I'm all about going deep, getting right to the source of whatever limitation you have, and working to understand and unravel the thoughts, feelings, fears, and beliefs at the root and often show up as physical pain & disease, mental health issues, and emotional disorders.


It's time we all became completely self-focused, so we can maximize our soul's potential for growth & bring our best selves forward to create a NEW & better tomorrow!