Kind Words From Clients

Lauren, North Carolina

Kylee did a Reiki session for me this weekend. It was amazing! The most awesome part was that I experienced a physical sensation, not even knowing until after the session that she was targeting that area. It was mind blowing! I highly recommend her gift and look forward to more reiki in the future. Thank you again Kylee!

Claire, Michigan

Kylee is amazing! I'm a distance-client and the healing she has sent from half way across the country has come through so strongly that was shocked! Also, my family has been in a long period of transition. Her insight has been invaluable in maintaining my sanity. I highly recommend her!

Paula, Massachusetts

Kylee Foote truly is a gifted healer. Thank you for an amazing Reiki session this afternoon. You are magical. I feel so light.


Gladys, California

You truly have an amazing gift! THANK YOU for sharing and many blessings to you ❤️ PS and she is the sweetest, so kind and helpful.

Toni, Massachusetts

I have migraines all of the time, but after the Reiki, I felt good all day. No headache. It's the best I felt. I definitely want to try an herbal consultation!

Amanda, Oklahoma

We are all in love with this salve (All Purpose Healing Salve). It's amazing and my kids even like having to "doctor" their scrapes and cuts now. And the smell is absolutely amazing.