Any issues or pain we experience in the physical body is not the problem we need to be working to understand. Rather, it is a beacon in the dark, a flashing sign, to let us know that in some way we’ve gone out of alignment with ourselves. The time spent connecting with these out of balance energies, understanding them, and working through the deep issues at hand is the healing process. It can be challenging for us to do this for ourselves, especially without any prior experience, because there is constant internal and external input. This is where I can help you. 

During each session I combine my knowledge of plant medicine and human nature with my unique ability to see, shift, and influence energy to access the limiting thoughts, feelings, fears, and beliefs that underlie every person’s current emotional, mental, physical, and energetic or spiritual state. I bring awareness and understanding to what is, guiding the person through the parts work or shadow work process, while simultaneously assisting in shifting the energy in whatever way is needed to bring each individual back into greater alignment with their soul self or their inner knowing. I have the most fun connecting to and working with the plants and other natural elements such as crystals, light, and water, on an energetic level, as well as a physical level to provide the best support and comfort for the energy shift. Because I am meeting each individual where he or she is at, every session is a unique healing experience.

For all prior or new clients, I have resumed On Sight Sessions as it feels right to do so, but that is subject to change. I am still making herbal remedies for people to purchase, while my supplies last, including Lung Tonic & Cough Syrup, Elderberry Zinger, and any other blend formulated specifically for you. All those who come for On Sight Sessions or to pick up herbal remedies must wear their mask. Thank you for your understanding and continued support! Sending an incredible amount of love to you all. Be well!