Herbal Consultation

       In this modern world where so many of us feel stuck on the fast track, rushing around, overworked, underslept, undernourished, striving to make more money, be the best, do all the things, everything in the name of convenience, self sacrifice, and pushing the limits, it has become increasingly difficult to stay in a place of wellness.

       Yet through it all--the hustle, bustle, and noise--the natural world steadily and unassumingly offers us just the support we need. For thousands of years herbalism was the most trusted form of medicine throughout all cultures across the globe. And now as more people are slowing down and rediscovering their connection to themselves and the earth, they're turning back to the wisdom of the plants in an effort to make their way back to a place of wellness.

       Herbs are truly magical in their scope and effectiveness. Whether you have an acute problem or a chronic illness, there are plants that can offer relief and support your body's natural healing process. It is important, however, to address the root cause of dis-ease and make the necessary changes. What you eat and drink, how much you sleep, and the varying stressors you face are deeply connected to dis-ease in the body and therefore will be topics of discussion.

       Food is a huge component of all of our lives. It's something we all need with no exceptions. And I have always been a lover of delicious food, both eating it and cooking it! My passion for food and cooking lends itself rather nicely to my herbal practice. In fact, food is my favorite way to deliver herbal remedies. I love to find new and tasty ways to incorporate herbs, especially those I grow myself or wild forage, not only into my life but the lives of my family, friends, and clients to help nourish our bodies and maintain wellness. And because so many of us are on the go, I enjoy creating and sharing recipes that are quick and easy but full of flavor, nutrients, and wild edibles.

        You have the biggest role in your health and wellness, so it is important that I share my knowledge with you and empower you to seek out the best ways to move further along your path. Schedule your consultation to learn how the natural world of healing and nutritive plants can help you take back the reigns of your life and support you along your journey to wellness. The initial consultation is an in-depth learning experience tailored to your individual constitution and situation that runs approximately 2 hours and costs $125 with two herbal remedies included.

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