Intuitive Energy Healing:

As the energies around and within us shift us into higher and higher frequencies, one by one our old hurts, beliefs, and fears that have been shoved down and buried for so long are bubbling up to the surface asking to be healed. Why? Because fear is the absence of love and is far too dense of an energy for the higher frequencies we are heading into. It hinders us tremendously, holding us stuck and stagnate, creating a life that only confirms these fears and hindering beliefs.

"It's great to know this," you say, "but how do we change these things? How do we heal?"


As an intuitive healer I can go into a person's body, into their energy, and hear, see, feel, and know what thoughts, beliefs, and fears form the foundation for the issues being experienced in daily life. These will then be worked through using techniques I have learned through my own healing journey, as well as through hundreds of sessions I've done throughout my career. These techniques will be shown and explained to each client, so that they may feel empowered to do the work on their own as their journey progresses. This is very deep work, but it is vitally necessary work, and I strive to be and provide a safe space and atmosphere for all my clients.


To support the process, I not only shift and remove energies that are contributing to the problem, I energetically and physically work with herbs, crystals, and light therapy as guided to help bring that healing through to the physical realm.


As with all great undertakings, your healing process is just that, a process. It is a journey. You are not meant to be perfect, whole, and "healed" within one session. Please do not expect that of yourself or me. If you were to confront every single fear, belief, thought, or emotion currently hindering you all at once, it would be incredibly overwhelming. It is something best experienced in manageable chunks. As cliche as it may sound, think of the onion and its many layers. Peeling away just one layer does not reveal the core any more than one session would reveal and heal everything going one within your person. We are all vastly complex beings. Knowing that and honoring that is part of the process. Loving ourselves fully, completely, deeply is the end goal but there is a road we must travel to get there! I am offering guidance and support--a compass and loving presence in the dark, if you will.



A session consists of a 50-60 minute hands on healing session followed by a 60-90 minute herbal consultation where we will discuss what comes up in the healing session, what is going on in your daily life, and how best to shift and support everything with herbal remedies, flower essences, and dietary and lifestyle changes. You will leave with a better understanding of yourself and two herbal remedies. Each session is an investment of $200.


Distance Session:

Because this is an energy healing modality, the recipient does not have to be physically present for the session to occur. These sessions are just as effective as in person sessions and work similarly. Each session will consist of a 30 or 60 minute healing session (as chosen by the client) and a phone call of equal length to discuss what took place during the session, as well as techniques you can utilize to help support your healing journey. For a 30 minute session it will be an investment of $100 and for a 60 minute session $170.


For distance clients, if you would like herbal remedies sent to you, each remedy would need to be purchased separately. Teas, 1/2 oz flower essences, and 1 oz tinctures are $15 each, while 4 oz syrups are $20 each.


**Please be mindful of the 24 hour cancellation policy.**