Medical Intuitive Energy Healing:

During a healing session, a fully clothed client lies on the massage table, while I, the practitioner, place my hands gently on or slightly above the client's body. With each session I rely on my medical intuition to see inside the body in order to locate the areas of dis-ease and work to clear any blockages to encourage the body to heal itself as intended. In addition to working with Reiki energy during a session, I also work with light and color, herbs, and crystals on an energetic level as guided. This is a deeply relaxing experience meant to be enjoyed by everyone regardless of a lack of any current physical illness or ailment. It offers the body what it needs on an energetic and spiritual level to start the self-healing process.


30 minute session $60

45 minute session $75

60 minute session $90


Distance Session:

Because this is an energy healing modality, the recipient does not have to be physically present for the session to occur. These sessions are just as effective as in person sessions and work similarly.

15 minute session $45

30 minute session $60


**Please be mindful of the 24 hour cancellation policy.**