The Many Transitions of Fall & How to Stay Grounded Through Them

Fall is fast approaching. And for many this means a lot of transitions, a lot of changing. Children are going back to school, which means the dog days of Summer and sun are coming to a close. This year I’m embracing the transition in a slightly different way. Rather than stocking up, I’ve been steadily letting go. In my home and in myself I’m making space for the new story. I’m getting rid of anything that no longer brings me or my family joy. And with the help of a friend of mine, who is incredibly intuitive and a kickass channeler, I’m examining all the hurt and fear that I hold inside of me, I’m challenging and CHANGING limiting beliefs created by these fears, and I’m embracing all the parts and pieces of me. In doing this, I am shifting the energy in my home and myself, so that there is less chaos and more ALIVENESS happening. I’m opening up a dialogue with myself to hear what all the parts of me need to be true in my life, and I am bringing those truths into existence. My reality is shifting, I’M shifting my reality, and I’m doing it with the help of herbs and nature, and I want to share how with you, so that you can stay grounded during your transitions too.

I am not going to lie. My house has been a cluttered mess for a long time. And I’m not saying cluttered mess in the apologetic way many of us do to our new mom friends, so when they come over and see our pillows scattered or a few articles of clothing or toys on the floor, they’ll not judge us. No, I mean it 100%, no exaggeration. All of the people in my house, much to my undying chagrin, are leave it where we put it people, and often times where we put it, is NOT where it belongs. And my girls are MESSY. So messy. Needlessly messy.

What does my cluttered mess look like? Well, it looks like the bar piled high with random bits and junk. Junk mail, broken toys that are waiting to be fixed, pens, pencils, important papers, recipes, lamp parts, tincture bottles, salve jars… you name it, and the bar caught it. If the bar was full, which was always a legit possibility, the top of the dryer was a great space for the spill over. So what? you’re saying, you had a bar full of junk. We all have catch all spots. But for me it wasn’t just limited to the bar or the dryer. It infiltrated every room in the house. My bedroom was exactly the same. Stuff everywhere. It wasn’t horrible, horrible, but it was far from good. Kids room? Like a bomb went off in it, as my dad would say. Completely, utterly, no matter how much you try to keep it clean, a never ending battle. Same with the walls, carpets, kitchen floors, and stove. And I won’t even address the bathroom. Seriously, when I say it was a mess, I mean it.


So I want you to know, I GET IT! I totally get it. I understand how hard it is to change habits and keep things cleaned and uncluttered. I have been trying to unclutter my house and my life for YEARS now. Years. I would do a great job, and it would look amazing, but then I’d turn around a few weeks later, and it was a hot mess express all over again!

What has finally been working for me? What has changed? I started doing the really tough inner work. Little bit by little bit parts of my house are transforming as I’m transforming. Rooms and catch all spots are staying cleaner longer, donation piles grow by the day, rooms are being swapped and rotated and redecorated. Everything is in a constant state of flux. When I recently started talking with parts of myself that have been buried for nearly my entire life, things began to shift in a major way. I’m talking about aspects that had so much pain that I couldn’t bear to hear them on a daily basis. But guess what? They definitely affected my life on a daily basis. They definitely tried in every way to get the attention and acknowledgment they needed and deserved on a daily basis. And part of the way that manifested for me was a cluttered, chaotic, mess of a house because hell, when you have so much conflict happening on the inside, it only makes sense for it to be mirrored on the outside.


I once read an article that said the state of your car is the state of your mind. I would go one step further to say, the state of your life in all of its forms is the state of your mind, your body, your emotional state, and your soul. Our thoughts and beliefs create our reality, so how can it be any other way? The question then becomes what can you do to change? And the answer is you can do the hard work. It is as simple and as terrifyingly difficult as that. There is no way around it. You can’t pretend you did it. You can’t sit through a seminar and be done with it. No. You have to do the hard work. You have to talk to these aspects of yourself to understand them and where you’re ultimately coming from, to know what they/you need to heal, and to help them change the beliefs creating the fears that are creating your life.

Changing beliefs is hard. Trust me, I hear you, completely. The way I’ve found to be the most successful for me is to help yourself understand that you’re creating your reality, that your thoughts, fears, and beliefs are forming your every experience. Once that is realized, you just ask yourself what you want to be true. What do you want to create? And then set the challenge that you will begin creating the experiences that prove these desired truths to be true. By intentionally creating the reality you want, the limiting beliefs and fears will change. And if you need help, you can always reach out to me. I’ve been you, I am you, and I’m ready and able to help. I want your success and happiness.


And I’m not just saying that in a kitchy, come have a session with me way. I genuinely care about every person. My greatest wish is that everyone feels true happiness, complete love, and wholely well. I don’t want any of us to suffer needlessly. And some may say that’s a delusion of grandeur or utopianism, but really to me, these are just basic rights. Just by being, we are worthy.

And the plants can help too! In fact, they want to help. The natural world is one of our best and closest allies, when we allow it to be. With Fall comes harvesting and in the herbal world we know that many of the medicinal roots love to be harvested at this time. When you think of roots, you think groundedness, connectedness, resilience, durability, and home. These words and ideals might seem opposite of transition and change, but that’s exactly why they’re so great at helping us through these times!


Of course, there are so many other non-root herbs that can be great supporters through transition, as well. Which ones to utilize will totally depend on what exactly it is you’re dealing with. Pretty much across the board tulsi (holy basil) is great for everything and at all times, and I adore lemon balm, which pairs really nicely with tulsi, because it not only helps with anxiety that can rise up, but also adds that little boost in mood and energy that we often need, when we’re transitioning. And when in doubt flower essences. There is never a wrong time for flower essences! I believe wholeheartedly that there is an herb (or three or four or five) out there that can support anyone through anything, and there is no single person that doesn’t need support in some capacity.


So if you’re not sure which herbs or essences would be the best for you, or you’re feeling like you definitely need some guidance through doing the hard work, feel free to reach out and set up a session or check out the Classes & Herb Walks page under the Community Happenings tab to see when the next class or herb walk will be. I look forward to chatting over a cup of tea!

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